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The Quetzal Bird
What is making the Quetzal endangered ?
What is the Quetzal ?
What is making the Quetzal endangered ?
What are people doing to save the Quetzal ?


In 1832 the Quetzal was introduced to science, and quickly from then on it became a very wanted animal. Because of its beauty many people wanted and still want the beautiful feathers of the Quetzal. Also, many museumsm and zoos wanted the Quetzal. Thousands of birds were taken and stuffed or killed. The ones for museums and zoos, died of course because the birds cannot be kept in captivity. Birds are still trapped and sold by peasants looking for money that sell to rich European and American collectors. This has led to a decline in the population of Quetzals.

Stuffed Quetzal


A lot of the Quetzal becoming less and less common has to do with deforestation. From Southern Mexico to Northern South America there used to be continuous forests where the Quetzals would fly about. Now, the forests are reduced to small unconnected pieces of forests. Since 1980 an estimated area of 100,000 to 150,000 acres of cloud forest have been cut down, and that is increasing lately. In Guatemala there is 108,899 square kilometers. Out of that the Quetzal used to range over 25,00-30,00 square kilometers. Now, the Quetzal ranges in just over 1,000 square kilometers. That is 24,000 less square kilometers. Wow! If this keeps up the Quetzal will die out in 5 years.

Deforestation in Guatemala