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The Quetzal Bird
What are people doing to save the Quetzal ?
What is the Quetzal ?
What is making the Quetzal endangered ?
What are people doing to save the Quetzal ?


There are many laws in the countries that have Quetzals. These laws say that you are not allowed to kill the Quetzals or capture them. The problem is that the countries do not enforce them. Also, the countries don't have strict enough laws. People are working on this by contributing money to the countries law enforcement. They are also sending letters to the countries law enforcement making the law enforcers more aware. The peasants who kill the birds have been provided new jobs, but this doesn't even work.

National Parks

In an attempt to save Quetzals and the cloud forests, the governments of the Central American countries have made National Parks where the Quetzals are supposed to live unharmed. The first of these parks was established in 1972. It is called the Guatemala Volcano Atitlan. Unfortunately the parks are too small to hold the Quetzal's seasonal migrations. Also,some national parks have become havens for political activists who hide in them while they fight against Guerillas. The soldiers shoot the birds and their habitat for food and target practice.Luckily, some caring people are donating money to the National parks and are staying in the parks to keep out activists. Also, the tourisim in these parks help to make the park more wealthy which results in more land for the birds.

A family standing in front of a National Park sign

What You can do to save the Quetzal ?

To help the Quetzals find out some corporations that spend their time saving animals like Quetzals. One of these corporations is Earth Foundation. To find out more click on the link on the bottom of the page that says Earth Foundation. You also can make a donation to one of the National parks. This is what you can do.

Click This to visit Earth Foundations website.